Fishing opportunities and seasons  

South Central Ontario is blessed with so many opportunities, walleye, perch, crappie, panfish, carp, muskie and bass (smallmouth and largemouth) Some days we do as many as possible in one day for the slam .

Spring, being the most exciting after a long winter. Summer has endless opportunities, it’s a mix bag with carp, muskie, walleye and bass. Then the fall is the toughest time, to choose a species, lots of options. Steelhead, salmon as well as muskie is great in fall (October to November). Some winters (December to February) are fishable for steelhead, depending on snow and ice. Spring (March and April) is primetime for steelhead, again. Then the seasons start over again.


Spring carp on the fly, Ryan Menchions, 1st one of the season

The main fish that I guide for are carp in the early spring, depending on snow and such it can be around mid-April. This is some of the greatest fly fishing you will see, as they are putting feed bags on before the spawn. After the spawn (around June) is also fantastic time to get them, as the water is warming up and so is their metabolism, they are active and feeding. They can be great in the big Lake “O” (Lake Ontario). I also have the option of chasing them in large river if the lake doesn’t cooperate. We fish them till September/October. All carp on the fly days are spot and stalk in shallow water. Canadian sight fishing at its finest. 


Spring March to May is primetime for steelhead

Opening day steel

In the fall, Steelhead start their migration (2nd) October through to November. This is one of the best times to chase them, the fight is mazing. Some years the winters are fishable December to February for steelhead, depending on snow and ice.


Usually around September, salmon, Chinook and Coho start the migration to spawn, great time to try and catch them on the fly, and some lake run browns mixed in. Nothing pulls quit like a 20lbs fresh run salmon in a small creek.

Lake Ontario tributary Chinnok


Muskie opens in June, great time to chase them as they are actively feeding and love chasing flies. We target them up until it gets too hot, usually around end of July to August. Then we go after them again in mid September once the water cools down and we can fish them right until ice up or December 15 which ever comes first. Fall is another prime time and they are usually the fattest and hungry

Kawartha Lakes muskie

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass are said to be pound for pound best fighting fresh water fish, couldn’t be more true, especially a big one in fast moving water. Bass season opens at the end of June and they are great fishing all throughout the summer around late September. Nothing is better than top water bass strike or chucking large streamers.

River bass
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