My father got me into fishing at around 3 or 4 years old, catching bass, walleye and muskie. It then grew from there, my fishing expanded from fishing with my father to fishing as much as possible with my friends from high school. Every winter/spring we would go to all the fishing shows to see what was new and the next big thing. I began to get excited for the upcoming season. 

Spring time, this also means steelhead. We travelled to the nearest tributaries to attempt to catch some steel. We had no idea what we were doing, but it was chance to get out and for the first time to fish, meet some people and connect. The obsession continued into college, meeting some more fellow fishermen. They also shared that same passion. I got introduced to fishing the tributaries of the great lakes year-round, by fisherman that knew what they were doing. I found the next best thing, for me. I travelled all over southern Ontario to catch migratory fish. I then made the switch to fly fishing and travelled to all the same places to catch migratory on the fly. I had found my niche.

small tributaries

I then moved to the city for work and my obsession for fishing the tributaries turned into a life style, but what to do in the summer months? Work was busy, not always time to travel to fish. So, I began researching carp, they were big, in every tributary, marsh and in the area that I lived in, so I joined a fishing club, MACO (match angling club of Ontario) & C.C.C. (Canadian Carp Club). My fishing repertoire was evolving from bait casting to spinning rod for warm water species and then float fishing, for everything, the obvious, Steelhead, Salmon and then Carp, yes Carp. Traveling to all the places, sometimes up to 3 hours away to fish these events and meeting new people to learn as much as possible to catch them in my area. 

Spring carp
video about what I do

A few years ago, I took a job at a lodge in Northern Ontario, it was amazing! I set the Ontario fly fishing record for a walleye and got to meet a lot of awesome people. It was an unforgettable experience. It was then, that I knew I was meant to this. I love to share my passion, help others teach and educate people to catch fish on the fly, while adapting, developing and to keep pushing the fly fishing limits. 

Ontario Fly fishing record, live release

Sight fishing for carp is the ultimate rush, seeing fish, getting refused, spooking fish, but when you finally get it right. Fly fishing for carp definitely makes you a better fly angler, it tests every aspect of your game and your equipment, from persistence, stealth, patience, casting and ability to hook and land big fish.

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