Mid-winter kind of

Winter tributary

Well, it officially mid-winter and that means, the fishing will be here soon, hopefully. Also, this means fishing shows for some, I will not be attending them this year. As I posted last year, I attended all the major shows in my area and was less than impressed. It was great to see the reps and some the guys from out of town that you don’t usually talk to other than online, but the show is defiantly lacking, especially in fly fishing areas. We are not lucky enough to have the population that we do to make a fly fishing only show. So, they are mainstreamed for the general population and I don’t fall into that category for sure. That my rant on the shows.

So, this winter has been weird, to say the least, and the weather even more so. A huge freeze in November that though that we actually may get a normal winter, then only to thaw out and be warm, so much in-fact that most places didn’t get enough ice to be safe until February. The creeks froze and refroze, enough not to be able to fish and not safe enough to ice fish them. It makes for a long winter. So, this meant fly tying and waiting, only to be in the tying zone when you get the call the fish are in and the ice is gone. So, trib mode you go to find the fish, get some time off only to get there to find the water dropped and is gin clear, you work your ass off because you don’t know when you’re getting out next and will freeze before you do? Steel heading in the middle of winter is no joke, dressing appropriately and having the right gear helps you stay out for the day. It’s always a bonus to fishing in January and February, but the fish don’t know its winter, they just know the days are getting longer and temperature is right, and they move upstream preparing for the spawn.

Winter steelhead

It was a mixed bag of fish looking like they were ready to spawn and fish that did not fatten up yet. A few spawning beds here in there, which not unusual, but not the norm to see this time of year. The storm comes in “Snowmageddon” Part 2 and the tributaries frozen again. This continues to this day, so in-lies the pain and suffering of the winter, that doesn’t winter, but winter enough to wreck your planned fishing trip or your tying regime. I would have preferred a real winter to get the work done, maybe some sleep, a little ice fishing or snow sports with the family. Instead, we got this gig show. It’s been a weird winter, I have been busy with school, some things in the works, soon you will see. It’s awesome news, to say the least, and I am beyond stoked to be part of all this. I am the only Canadian.

Winter is back, missed the window

Just no time for fishing, so a real winter would be awesome so, I don’t have to regret not getting out or listening to my friends catching and I’m working or doing homework because you don’t know when or if it’s going to freeze up again. So far, I count 6 times the tribs have been frozen and thawed out, I missed the window more than once. I did get some fish, to tie me over till next time. Now it’s almost March when the steelhead migration should be starting to heat up, we are getting another snow-storm (Snowmagedeon part 5 or 6, not sure) and the temps to drop to below -20C by the weekend and the tributaries will almost freeze up again, for at least a week, missing my window. The cycle continues. I’m supposed to be getting rods ready, planning trips for spring, but I have no idea what the weather will be. Mother nature just pick one, please.

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