Fall is here!

Migrating Salmon up a small tributary of Lake Ontario

Well fall is finally here. This is truly on of my favourite times of the year, (first is spring) for the scenery, of the leaves, no bugs and of course the fishing, man the fishing! After Thanksgiving it really starts to feel like fall. The problem is what to target, here in Southern Ontario, we have so many options and it’s is prime time for a few species, muskie, walleye (before they close in November) & bass (before they go deep). For the tribs; Salmon, Chinook & Coho as they start annual migration then the steelhead, browns, Atlantic salmon are possible depending on which tributary you fish. 

We try to target each species in order, sometime multiple on the same day, however with the weather changes over the years it’s making it more and more difficult to get the timing right, its usually a lot of travel, planning and a little of old fashioned luck. Better to be lucky than good, as the saying goes. Where, as when I was younger it was pretty much like clock work that, this time of year within a few days you were golden to get some in on the action. Now it’s not so much on the time of year, it’s the water temperature, sometimes it doesn’t hit the correct temp until after the season is closed and you missed out on the prime time that never happened. Thank you Global warming.

The Salmon fishery is amazing, and I can usually hit those in the early fall, soon as the kid’s go back to school is a good indicator, if the conditions are right, amount of water, rain fall is the deciding factor on the start of the run. Some areas get closed to help the fish do their thing, so if the fish don’t come, the amount of creek to fish is reduced dramatically and your stuck fishing the crows. You just have to find them and try to find a spot in the creek. 

Coho, Chinook and Browns

The steelhead fishing is usually next, after Thanksgiving they start to trickle in. Around mid-November being the best time for a silver bullet. The last few years have been slower than normal, and it appears the numbers are down or like everything else they are coming later in the fall. This year looks promising and better than the last few. The better the weather the more people there is, which is good for the industry, but hard on the fish and finding untouched fish almost impossible. So, adapting, get there early or stay late is the ticket or pick the worse day to fish and you may have the prime spots to yourself and it maybe your best day ever. Nothing is better than landing a chrome fish in the rain/snow with next to no one crowding you. 

Fall “chrome”

Let the games begin. The fall season and challenges of finding fish, that aren’t not pressured and trying to get them before the season closes. 
Great time to be on the water and to have choices.

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