Summer, where did you go?

Getting ready

Well summer! What happened? I know summer usually flies by for most, but this year it was different for me. Lots has happened in such a short period of time, my YouTube channel is up and running, 2 to 4 videos a week, my shooting schedule in full swing. My blog and writing skills are improving and actually enjoying the “grind” of doing it. Let’s say love it. I actually was fortunate to help write a small part “Chasing Tailers”  in a book, with my photo’s. The American Carp Society Vol. 3 called “American Carp Culture”. 

It was an amazing experience and am honoured to be a part of it, to share my passion of chasing carp on the fly. (as far as I, know I’m the only Canadian). It gets even better, there are I believe 3 of us fly carpers that were lucky enough to be included to share the carp on the fly movement in this traditional carp fishing book, its over 500 pages of carpiness. 

The school semester almost over, plans for summer about to begin, travelling, filming and fishing all over Ontario and beyond. That all got put on hold. The summer that never got started for me until the end of it. My summer didn’t officially kick off until the end of July. (an arm injury, ,then a surgery, in the hospital for a week, in a full arm cast for 2.5 weeks , 28 staples and 22 stitches later)  

“The story”

It was a wet start to spring with higher than normal water levels everywhere. It looked to be great start, more water, more fish then I was sidelined. It was definitely a challenge, rehab, physiotherapy, had to learn how to tie my shoes all over again, fly tying don’t even get me started, I’m still struggling, it’s now October. So, when I finally got out it felt like spring to me all over again, but not really. Summer finally showed up it was a quick month. Weird to say the least, so now that I try and catch up with season’s and my casting, which is no-where near where it was, as I cast both left and right handed and usually better with certain cast. I couldn’t strip set very well or hard enough, couldn’t strip my line in to get that most subtle twitch of the fly to get the carp to eat my fly. Saying it sucked was an understatement. The struggle was very much upon me to fish and for carp. No Way! So, I when back to the drawing board, started small, switch rods for bass, two hands to assist my bad hand/arm. Two hands are better than one, especially in this case. It was better, less frustration and I actually caught a fish or two. It was my first fish since around May, in my walleye/carp vlog 

Big gold in the Kawartha’s

For those who don’t know me, that is probably the longest I ever went without catching fish. It was small, but I didn’t care, it meant so much more to me, I finally succeeded to get a fish and to be with friends and be where I belong on the water, filming, fishing and taking pictures. What a great day. Thanks to everyone who helped me with this journey

Then BAM, soon as the kids started school fall actually showed up. Where did the summer go? 

I love the fall fishing; however, I missed the prime carp bite and wasn’t ready yet. 

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