Steelhead, steelhead and more steelhead and Opening days in Ontario


The time has come, opening day has come and gone, however this year the opener was cold, wet and blown out in some creeks.

So instead of fighting the crowd I decided to fish after the opener, man am I glad I did. Got some friends together and we have been catching them everyday since. I have made multiple videos about it. The best being Steelhead in the Urban forest Part 1 & 2 and Steelheading Crystal Clear water. So many videos and good times with great people. While most people are done with steelhead, I’m taking advantage of the cold and wet spring, getting them before they are gone, sounds like a cheap sale pitch, lol. so true though.

Drop back steelhead on the bead

Normally this time of year there are some around, however the majority are gone or I’m fishing different species, (little bit of A and B), as spring in Ontario has so many species to offer, great time to be a fly fisher. The last week we have had so much rain and water temperature are still in the high 40’s low 50’s, we are still getting steelhead, over 20 fish landed in the last week or so, crazy. They are still eating eggs, (roe & beads) with reckless abandonment, the fly bite has been tough and it is just starting to heat up.

Now the walleye season has opened in this part of of Ontario, geared up and ready to go, high waters, higher than I have seen in a long time, screaming currents make conditions tough. Tying flies and hair jigs up to be ready for what may come.

Happy Fly Day, Walleye edition

Fly fishing was slim to none in the rivers I fish, even large jigs (3/8 &1/2 oz) couldn’t hit the bottom. Only to find no weeds and no one else I know landing fish either, with boat ramps under water and lakes at an all time high, more rain on the way. Flooding everywhere and no one knows how high or if it slow down anytime soon.

Opening day to me is like Christmas, birthday and anniversary all mixed together. The planning and excitement growing and the first fish of the year. The not knowing if it will be good or great, the company with you is always great (friends, family or kids) and being on the lake & rivers even better. Catching a fish is bonus especially with these unknown conditions.

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