First Carp 2019

After weeks of waiting, due to snow, runoff and rain we searched for carp. I finally found one and only one, after walking and trudging through 10km of creeks, marsh and flooded grass.

The day was promising, the weather finally co-operated, it was brisk in the morning. The sun was out in full force and we new by lunch time we should see fish. We couldn’t be more wrong. We walked and fished the whole tributary to the big Lake Ontario and search the flats there too. Nothing! No signs of fish or life for that matter, no baitfish or other aquatic species. So we had brunch on the shore of Lake Ontario, hoping and waiting the fish would arrive. We made the trek up the trib again, spot and stalking. No fish, we even blind casted to the big pools, maybe they were in deep water. Not my favourite way to fish, however got to do, what you go to do to get a fish or locate them.

We made a choice and hit spot number two of the day, man did it pay off. We were there for maybe five minutes, right on cue the carp arrived and it was fish on. The water being so cold and the fish lethargic, we finally got our carp. The satisfaction of it all. Weeks of searching and traveling, the preparation of the gear came to this. Victory was ours.

First carp on the fly.

What an epic day of carp on the fly. The monkey was off the back, hopefully the carp are here to stay.

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