Whats in the bag?

So as things start tp heat up, let’s discuss what I pack in my bag for a day of fishing.

Backpack, vest, sling pack or hip pack whatever your preference is, it need to be organized and cleaned out to only carry what you need to maximize your day. The spring time for carp the most exciting after a long winter. The fly boxes are minimal, as the insect haven’t really started yet and the carp are moving slow, at a snails pace, as the water is 42 degrees F. So the tactics are slow and the food sources are slim. So I carry two fly boxes, one for leeches/worms (lots of my”Lets talk carp 2″ six pack for spring carp, see video )and the other for nymphs. As the season heats up and the insects and food items start to move, the boxes get fuller and more of them.

Backpack on the beech searching for carp

In this video we discuss the what’s inn the bag, why I carry the things I do and a few tips to help the carp on the fly angler. Like carrying a net, water bottle and split shot to help weight a fly if need be. This year I am rocking a sling back, a large sling pack, so far I love it. I thought it was going to too big, but it gives me the ability to pack enough gear for the day, ie food and water, extra rods, reels, as well as some extra camera/video gear which is a challenge in the best of days filming alone and getting great footage. It docent what kind you get, however I recommend trying it on in the store before you make the investment. Put some weight in it to see how it feels, full and empty totally different feeling.

Sling pack gear to back.

I hope this helps you sort out your gear and what to or not to carry in your bag for spring carp on the fly. Keep it simple and only carry what you need or what you think you need for the day and not the whole week. Your back and feet will thank you, as well you won’t be spending valuable time looking for things in your bag, which is the whole point. Time management on the water and use it it to the fullest and not spend it looking in your bag.

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