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Early season carp

Carp on the fly, spring has finally sprung, I hope. The snow is almost gone again and the creeks are wide open.

Spring carp is a challenging time, creeks are open, but ponds and lakes are still frozen. So that means dirt water, cold water and slow moving fish. Slush and iced up guides are the norm. Trying to fish days that have sun and the clearest water you can find. It’s an exciting time. Carp on the fly has finally staring in Southern Ontario.

So to get thing started I thought I would share some tips on leaders, line and which rods to use in various conditions we have available to us in Ontario. There are so many rods to choose from and brands it can be overwhelming. I say use what you already have if you are new tp carp on the fly. Most guys that fly fish, chase steelhead on the fly., same rod and reels to start. Thats great, as you will be fishing the same water until everything melts and seasons start to open. Lines are the same, or very similar. Leaders are a little different, if you need to launch a fly into the wind you will have to adjust it accordingly. (50% rule). The least thought of the backing, advantages of gel spun vs Dacron.

Rods, lines, backing and leaders

In this new series, Let’s Talk Carp, gearing up for the upcoming season of carp on the fly.

We first talk rods, lines, leaders and backing. In the upcoming videos we will discuss the best flies for spring, what to pack in your bag, sling, chest, backpack or vest to optimize your chance at landing a carp on the fly.

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