The search continues…

Steelhead on the fly, is no easy task, as this early spring we have chased them and have been one day behind them the whole time.

local tributary

This week, I herd it every time, should have been yesterday. The old saying unfortunatly is so true during the migration of steelhead.

The water levels were high to get the run started and the water never dropped till this week, the fish kept coming. We fished three different creeks, numerous times and other venues to find fish. Now we did find them, but they were scattered that it was one fish here and there. At first light seemed to be the best the first week, the second week after the sun hit the creek and it warmed up a degree, the float fisherman with fresh roe were on fish. This year I decided to swing and only swing flies. Hard to do on tributaries that are only two rods lengths wide in most spots. I had my chances, far and few between, but I got them. I was satisfied for the early bite. It’s about the experiences, people, the outdoors and capturing it all on video and photo’s for me. Then word spread like wild fire the fish were in, trying to get a spot and avoid the crowds was tough. The creeks were full of eager fisherman after a long winter. I was great to see the guys on the trib again. Then with all the hustle and trying to find some less crowed water, the water dropped and all the fish had moved on. There are still fish in, the pressure was immense. Now we await the next rainfall to hopefully bring more fish into the system.

still searching

Hitting the slow moving sections

So we travel to various creeks fishing them thoroughly and heading down to the lake to find active fish that will hit a swung fly. It’s about covering water, trying new flies and looking for aggressive fish. The rains are coming and soon so will the fish, with warmer temps on the way. Swinging flies is no easy task, however when they hit it, the take is indescribable, it will make you think you got electrocuted. The steelhead may even pull the rod out of your hand. Swing that fly and they will come.

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