Coffee with cream, would you like steelhead with that?

Early season steel heading on the fly, dirty water, high water, frozen guides and creek slush. There are little to fly guys on the tribs, where I fish. The centre pin guys get more fish in these conditions, (fresh roe) but for me it’s about the process, camaraderie and catching up with old friends. This year I was able to capture a friends first steelhead of the year on video, it was amazing. (earlier video First steelhead trip 2019)I was just as happy as he was, maybe more. It’s a great feeling. This video is a usual day for the fly guy, (it could just be me) may only get one shot a day in these tough conditions, but it is always fun chasing them dusting off the rust and trying new flies or techniques.

It’s a great time to be on the river, the birds, wildlife saw a coyote and the fish, even though I am there to try and catch one is a bonus. Fish come in waves, the days they eat the fly and only the fly is coming, so I grind out the days and wait for the sun to warm the creek up. Fresh run fish are hard to hook and land. I am glad to be standing in coffee with cream and enjoy the experiences, friend and laughs on the creek. I will take a steelhead with that! Won’t you?

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