Steelhead meet Carp Part 4

San Juan worm with squirmy worm material meets Carp style red worm, dirty water special.

This is part four of my series steelhead meet carp. I was asked to tie this carp so I figured, mine as well do both. Two great patterns for both species. An updated version of the classic San Juan worm with new material and challenges. It is a little difficult too work with, however with a little tweaking you can make it happen. For example you have to reverse the bead to help the material (soft and tears easy) in place. Few tips in the video to help with dealing with this amazing material. A huge shout out to Patrick Ritter for asking for this pattern for carp and insuring this episode. The carp version is basically a spin off off the san join worm, it use the classic micro chenille, but can also be tied with the same material as the san Juan. That is one deadly combination. The red blood word style of fly is my got to in dirty water, looking for not the fish, but still cloud that indicate fish feeding that you cant see. It is a feely thing, difficult to do, but practice makes perfect, keep the line tight and you will feel the carp punch on it.

I hope you enjoy these two flies as much as I do. They are one of my favourites to tie, quick and they just plainly catch fish anywhere. Soon in the Great Lakes are anyways we will be on the water till than it’s fly tying time. These flies work great for both species, steelhead and carp even though very different, the flies to catch them not so different or difficult to tie. Give them a try you will be happy, if you need any more tips send me message or email and I will more than happy to assist you. If you want to book a trip, fill out the contact information on my site or hit me up on facebook, instagram or linkedIn. Thanks again to Patrick for inspiring this idea for part 4 Steelhead meet Carp

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