Steelhead meet Carp 2

Steelhead gold ribbed hare ear nymph meet clouser swimming nymph.

This the second instalment of this series steelhead meet carp, tying flies that are the similar, but tied different. These flies are the most popular tied for there respected species. Hare ear nymph is the most commonly used fly for almost ever species of trout, so it only makes sense that we showcase it here for steelhead. The second fly is the clouser swimming nymph, its the fly that started the fly fishing for carp, back into the late to mid 90’s. Anyone who fly fishes for carp, it’s probably the first the fly that you tied to target them.

These two flies are iconic and super stars and stand alone in their specific field and for the first time, that I know of feature together, they are very different flies and style, but the technique is very similar. They both use rabbit for tails, and dubbing for the body, have a wing case and are fish catching machine. Check it out on YouTube, if you like it, hit the like button and if you love it, please subscribe to my channel.

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