Fly tying & Carp

As, I grow my editing and filming skills, I want to share my love of fly tying and fly fishing for carp. I also give some advice for new comers to fly tying.

It’s clean, for now

Fly tying for me is almost as exciting as chasing fish, the planning, the trial and error. The new materials, UV, synthetics and more. The satisfaction of the tweaking and experimenting of patterns when the time comes, and you are catching fish and no one else is. That is until you share them with others on the bank or they order them from you and call you to say, “these flies killed them today, thanks”. Nothing, I love more than to hear those words from someone that bough my flies, came for a guided trip or got after some to try carp for the first time. Confidence is key and this video, a documentary if you will. Here is a little bit of me and who I am, how and what I fish for. Start tying and share this if you like it. Thanks 

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