Flies, flies and more flies

organized and ready

My newest youtube video is up today, how I organize flies and try to fight off cabin fever.

This time of year is the hardest time, its March and spring is soon, but it’s seems forever away. The snow just won’t go away and there is more on the way, so I organize, sort, make a list of materials and get ready for the tributaries to open up and wet a fly and hopefully land some fish. Seems like it will be a while, but who knows. The weather forecast doesn’t look good, cold for the next week, at least. So here we are organizing flies and getting boxes ready, making a list of flies to tie and materials that will be needed for the rest of the year.

Believe it or not in the area that I live in and guide (east of the GTA) the fishing stops get the majority of their supplies for flies in now, now idea why, but they do. So the time to shop is now, go and look at the material, as not all are created equal and needed to be sorted or at least inspected to buy the best that you can while the quantity is there. We will discuss certain material and what to look for for certain fur, feathers and such. It can be intensive and if you don’t know what your looking for it can be overwhelming to say the least. By going through all your old flies and material, making some boxes up, you will be ready to go when they show up, as well as you can tie more flies or if that not your thing send me a message and I will make them for you.

Check out my flies on my site they will get you started in the right direction. Steelhead are the first fish to chase, then carp, carp and more carp. Never tried it, you definitely should. They are a mazing creatures and big. You will definitely be pleasantly surprised.

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