Winter Blaaah!!!

Local Tributary locked up solid

Well since winter cant make up its mind, no steel heading any time soon.

Hopefully later in the week, as a storm is suppose to come tomorrow and maybe open enough water to get the ice and fish moving to get my swing and nymph game on. Until then working hard to get things done, flies, getting tied, new patterns in the R & D as well as the ones already for sale. Also trying to get all the footage together from previous trips, that right, I’m making a Youtube channel to share all thing fly fishing, fly tying as well as product reviews and few other things. I went out to try and film yesterday and this is what I found, The tributaries blocked up solid, few spots had a trickle of water running, just the centre and only the runs open. Soon I hope they will be open enough to fish at least enough to nymph the centre. Not to mention the lack lustre run in the fall, hopefully the winter/spring run will make up for it. So while I tie flies, clean rods and reels, write this blog, as well as inter blogs I am waiting. Waiting for some kind of open water, as cabin/fishing fever setting in. The long drawn out winter is getting to me. The winter took forever to get here and now its here, it should be leaving, but it still coming. I don’t mind the cold, like it actually, but make up it s mind. Ontario weather if you don’t like it wait 5 minutes and it will change! So here is the link to my Youtube channel.

Its small video, a sneak peak of things to come. It is a very exciting time here, I am pumped to share with everyone about fly fish, fly tying, Steelhead, Carp, Muskie and Bass all on fly gear, with a few surprise species mixed in. The video’s will be in an urban environment, cities, suburbs or other wise. These areas are easily accessible and make it easy for everyone to fish especially with busy schedule, even if you only have few hours to go fly fishing. Proving you don’t need to travel to far off places to catch giant fish, numbers of fish and maybe your first fish and most important, having fun in the outdoors chasing fish on the fly.

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