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Whats in the bucket?

Here we are in the beginning of February and I should be planning on my next fishing trip. However the weather in Southern Ontario doesn’t want it to go that way. First we had no ice and no fish, then we finally got some ice in January, then it was brutally cold -30C, and to windy to set up a portable hut and ice fish. Now when I should counting the days for the spring run of steelhead, two days of rain, wind beyond belief (65km/h plus) two days of freezing rain, the creeks blew out. Today it is blowing over 60km/h wind and the temps are dropping, the creeks are beginning to freezes yet again. I don’t mind the cold or the rain, but I have worn my snow suit, rain coat, just a sweater and now a winter coat in the same week. I wish it would just pick one or the other.Enough of the spring & winter in same week. So that’s my rant.

I can’t wait for the spring to get here and be out filming and taking photos of fish with people to share with you. Now time for some serious fishing talk, rods and reels. Time to clean rods to take off the blood, sweat and tears off them from losing fish, doing battle with fish or getting gill raked by one. Hopefully the blood is yours, not the fish and the tears are definitely from me losing a fish or too, lol. A little dish soap, nail brush and some TLC to rods to check guides and such, as I am not fishing any time soon, unless I get lucky enough to get it before the freeze happens again. So, as I clean my rods and reels I make sure I check my fly line for damage and clean them as well. I always find there are two kinds of people when it come to fly lines, people who clean them more than once a year like me or the other group: people who only clean them once a year or not at all. Clean those lines, I have used various lines over the years and they are way better at reeling dirt and grime, but I believe it still needs to be done. Rods are usually forgotten about, people spend big bucks in rods, it’s like a tool for any trade, have to keep them in top notch condition. Take care of your tools and they will take care of you. Reels get a rinse and wash as well, dry out thoroughly and new grease put on ready for an opening to get some steelhead. Few more things in the work here @ T & C so keep looking, more on maintaining gear, flies, fly tying and getting ready for the upcoming season, stayed tuned you won’t want to miss it.

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